Looking for a top-quality fire protection?

Architecture has the power to make a lasting positive impression on people, by creating living spaces for them that meet their artistic and functional needs. Protecting them against the risk of fire is a fundamental need.

Why is fire protection so important?

Recent fire catastrophes such as the devastating fire that ripped through a London tower block shows how important the issue of fire resistance and protection is.

Fire protection regulations are much more onerous in high-rise and high-risk buildings. Therefore, more attention must then be paid to the design process of the building and importantly the choice of materials.

As a manufacturer of façade panels, we take our responsibility for resistance to fire very seriously. As such, the fire properties of all EQUITONE façade panels are Euroclass A classified.

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Looking for a top-quality fire protection?

What regulation for which building?

Architecture is not only a matter of design, it’s also a matter of security. You have to comply with fire protection regulations when you build a facade.

Looking for a top-quality fire protection?

What does “Euroclass A” mean exactly?

EQUITONE façade panels are classified A2-s1, d0 according to Euroclass system EN 13501-1. Here’s what it refers to concretely.

Looking for a top-quality fire protection?

EQUITONE solutions for optimal fire protection

Security is your priority? It’s ours too. Have a look at our façade panels. They all exceed protection standards, regardless of the height of the building.