A+D 53 Magazine Preview

Amazing houses, a bell tower, and the most interesting toilets in Ireland

As many of us are no longer able to work from our office and have settled in to repurposing dining tables, cluttered corners or even sheds into work spaces, we have decided not to send out the print copy for A+D 53 for the time being. We hope you will be able to pick up your copy and share it with your colleagues during a coffee break soon – in the meantime, enjoy the digital copy and our previous issues on Equitone.com.

The front cover of the latest issue of A+D pictures a white private house in Zonhoven, Belgium. The design was an aesthetic challenge for dmvA architecten, who were designing a home for an artist and photographer and combined a living, working and exhibition space. Pg 26

Have you thought of perforating EQUITONE? CORE Architects in Portugal have done just that in a single story home in the Algarve. CORE attached to L-shaped walls to form a front door and screen the bedrooms from the street. As the sun shines through the perforations playful circles appear on the ground below. Pg. 2

building cladding

Deaton Lysaght Architects re-clad the old toilet block in the historic city of Cahir, Co Tipperary. With a castle as the backdrop the design needed to be equally monumental. Deaton Lysaght Architects chose EQUITONE [linea] to envelope the difficult geometric original structure to bring a sculptural feel to the public building. Pg. 4

The modern bell tower looks over the post-modern church beside it, which was built nearly 60 years before. The bell tower’s clean lines and nod to tradition with horizontal louvres stands tall in the skyline of a small German town, a beacon to the surrounding community. Pg 20

To read more about these fiber cement projects and more in issue 53, download your copy from our A + D Archive.