Understanding Fire Regulations for Different Buildings

Designing to protect against fire is an increasingly important part of every building. Fire safety is a building regulation that covers all aspects of safety from use of material to means of escape, just to mention a few.

Building classes

Generally, buildings are divided in several classes, depending on the intended use. The height of a building is also separated. Therefore, combining these factors will determine the local regulation to be applied. We ask the question, “why design the façade to the minimum requirement when you can easily achieve a much higher rating and therefore offer the occupants a greater level of security.”

Did you know?

EQUITONE façade panels are classified as “A2-s1,d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1. This means they can be used for all building classes in compliance with standards.

The classification of the fire properties of the cladding material doesn’t only apply to individual components. It includes the interaction of those components – the insulation, the substructure and the EQUITONE façade panels.

What does “non-combustible” mean exactly?

EQUITONE façade panels are classified A2-s1, dO according to Euroclass system DIR EN 13501-1. Here’s what it refers to concretely.

EQUITONE solutions for optimal fire protection

Security is your priority? Have a look at our façade panels, which exceeds protection standards, regardless of the height of the building.

Understanding Fire Regulations for Different Buildings

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