EQUITONE [tectiva]

Detailed information


  • Touch: Fine sanding lines.
  • Visual: Dry, lively, dynamic.
  • Natural colour differences, possibly accentuated by the orientation of the sheet, the viewing angle and the effects of light and moisture.


  • fire safe (no fire ignition, no spread of fire)
  • sound insulating
  • resistant to extreme temperatures and frost
  • water resistant (if in compliance with application guideline)
  • resistant to many living organisms (fungi, bacteria, insects, vermin, etc.)
  • resistant to many chemicals
  • environmentally friendly, no harmful gas emissions
  • strong, rigid panels

NEW COLOUR: TE 85 Graphite

NEW COLOUR: TE 85 Graphite

NEW COLOUR: TE 85 Graphite

The EQUITONE [tectiva] series just added a dark new hue that is both classic and bold.

Technical Specifications

Thickness Panel Sizes Weight
8 mm 2500 x 1220 mm 14,9 kg/m²
3050 x 1220 mm