EQUITONE CPD Seminars: Gain Insight on Ventilated Facades and Industry Compliance

EQUITONE CPD Seminars: Gain Insight on Ventilated Facades and Industry Compliance


CPD 1: Ventilated Facades and Fibre Cement Materials 

Our engaging and informative CPD seminar covers the design, principles and benefits of specifying rainscreen facades.

During your CPD you will:

• Develop a deeper understanding of fibre cement and its history
• Understand the evolution of fibre cement as a facade material
• Identify the characteristics of a through-coloured fibre cement material
• Recognise a ventilated facade and understand its features and benefits 
• Discover the design possibilities of a fibre cement material

CPD 2:  Designing Ventilated Facades for Industry Compliance

A technical presentation that will equip you with NCC compliant solutions and provide insight into how industry concerns can be managed and prevented in the future. 

During your CPD you will:

• Understand why fibre cement meets the requirements and provisions of the NCC for non-combustible cladding
• Recognise the most prevalant contributors to building defects and their consequences
• Describe the features and benefits of a ventilated facade system
• Learn how to create energy efficient buildings using a ventilated facade
• Discover sustainable design practices using ventilated facade systems

Attendees will earn one CPD point and receive a certificate for each presentation.

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