EQUITONE [lunara]

EQUITONE [lunara] is a through coloured panel. The surface of the panel is characterised by a randomised textured finish that is unique to EQUITONE [lunara]. The two colour shades accentuate the authenticity of the material. The panel receives a hydrophobation that makes the panel water repellent.

Detailed information


  • Touch: Rough, unpolished fibre cement surface with delicate linen touch.
  • Visual: Expressive, natural, unique.
  • Original through-coloured material with highly expressive fibre cement structure. The production process makes each panel unique in colour, texture and surface. Natural colour differences, possibly accentuated by the orientation of the sheet, the viewing angle and the effects of light and moisture.


  • fire classification A2-s1,d0 (no fire ignition, no spread of fire)
  • sound insulating
  • resistant to extreme temperatures and frost
  • water resistant (if in compliance with application guideline)
  • resistant to many living organisms (fungi, bacteria, insects, vermin, etc.)
  • resistant to many chemicals
  • environmentally friendly, no harmful gas emissions
  • strong, rigid panels