Safe cladding without compromising aesthetics

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Reclad is a hot topic in the construction industry as better and safer practices are front and centre due to the tragedies the UK has experienced over the last 5 years. There is also another element to reclad: sustainability. We are seeing more emphasis on retrofitting and recladding existing buildings rather than demolishing and building new.

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Safety first

When researching facade and cladding you can be assured that EQUITONE puts safety and quality first.

All fibre-cement materials in the EQUITONE range attain the Euroclass standard A2-s1,d0. EQUITONE does not contribute to fire or the spread of fire.

EQUITONE is a lightweight, high-density material which can be rivet or secret mechanical fixed and cut easily to fit the original structure beneath it, even with the most challenging angles. With EQUITONE there is no need to compromise on safety or aesthetics

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Colour matching for planning using EQUITONE

We know it can significantly speed up the design and construction process of your reclad project by colour matching the existing facade.

For this reason we have created a colour swatch of our range which is equally as useful on your desk or to take out on site.

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Reclad technical documents

We know that reclads can be very sensitive and everyone wants to make sure due diligence is completed on any material selection. We have produced a downloadable document with all the information you need in a PDF. It contains:

  • Material Information Sheets
  • Fire Substantiation Sheets
  • BBA (British Board of Agrément) Certificates
  • EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration)

Of course, you can find all this information and more on our reclad page.