Easily integrate EQUITONE panels to your modeling

With our BIM models for EQUITONE façade panels, you no longer have to create our products in 3D. Models are available in AutoCAD, Arkey, Revit and IFC, among others. And, they contain practical information so you can easily integrate our materials into your model. Showing your customers why EQUITONE is the natural choice will be a piece of cake!


An easy-to-make digital 3D model

BIM (Building Information Modeling) has become an essential work method in construction. This allows you to create a virtual 3D representation of your project, just by selecting the materials you want to use. All the technical characteristics are automatically associated with it.

Easier planning

BIM guarantees reliable information. You simulate services that allow you to better predict the cost, the scheduling, or even the impact of your construction on the environment. Before you even start building it.

Keep your project on track

With BIM, you control your costs and your lead time. The digital model can be improved or modified throughout the whole life cycle of the project to ensure the project is on time and on budget

  • Updates are instantly passed on to the rest of the views and teams, measurements are automatically recalculated for example surface area, drywall footage, scheduling etc.
  • Resolve problems with clash detection

Optimal communication between partners

Sharing and collaborating using BIM models is easier than with drawing packages, as there are a lot of functions that are possible via a digital workflow. There are tools for different disciplines to share their information for integration. Reviewing and markup stages ensure that all design team members have input on the evolution of the design for when the design is finalised and ready to start on site.