Architect Martien Van Vliet (Bureau Bos) specifies EQUITONE for the renovation of the De Hoeve primary school in The Netherlands

When De Hoeve primary school in Hoevelaken (Netherlands) decided to find an architect to renovate its buildings, the management's choice quickly fell on architect Martien Van Vliet, from Bureau Bos. The architectural firm has acquired more than half a century of experience in various sectors, including education. Martien Van Vliet and De Hoeve primary school have decided to collaborate to realize a very nice project. EQUITONE also played an important role in this story.

Together, we create more

As Jenaplan teaching has become very popular in the Netherlands, De Hoeve school has grown a lot in recent years. A thorough renovation was needed. “We needed more space, but no more premises,” explains Martien Van Vliet. “In Jenaplan education, different groups of students often work together on projects and tasks, which requires a strategically thought-out spatial distribution: a larger and open space was needed. "

Reducing the size of the playground by expanding the building on the ground floor was not an option. Because children must be able to let off steam and run after a few hours spent on the school benches. The school and the Bos Bureau agreed on this. It was therefore decided to build two bright and spacious premises, and a media library on the roof of the school. “Thanks to this superstructure, the building gives an impression of space and lightness. A large stage staircase connects the ground floor to the open space upstairs ”, summarizes Martien Van Vliet.

Martien Van Vliet firmly believes in collaboration. Bureau Bos did not choose its motto at random: Together, we create more. "I still can't decide for myself how someone else should live, work or teach?" I do not believe in a fixed framework of requirements, but in creation in collaboration with the client. Thus, the school's steel construction, dating from the 1970s, has been fundamentally overhauled: with particular attention to the needs of teachers and students, with the warm shades of grey EQUITONE and a special emphasis on durability.

No need to procrastinate. We must take action

The school's energy label has been taken to the next level and the whole building is supplied with green electricity, produced by solar panels. Sustainability should be built into every renovation decision. Or, as Martien Van Vliet puts it: “When it comes to sustainability, there is no need to procrastinate. We must take action. "

EQUITONE fit perfectly into this story of sustainability. The circular philosophy is a must today: the materials are no longer glued or permanently fixed, but must be able to be recovered. Which is perfectly possible with EQUITONE. The whole school has been renovated with EQUITONE facade panels on the outside. The panels were mounted both horizontally and vertically, which made it possible to create a particularly aesthetic play of lines. “And what's great is that these facade panels are particularly easy to maintain. A child's bike producing scratches on the front? This could have been a problem with a flat or compact panel, but not with EQUITONE ”, explains Martien Van Vliet. “EQUITONE is simply more advantageous than other similar products if you take into account its operational advantages. "

EQUITONE panels are durable, easy to maintain but also aesthetic. They bring the building to life, explains the architect. When it rains, the panels absorb moisture like a sponge. When the sun starts to shine again, we see the moisture evaporate. The panels therefore give the building a warm and lively appearance. “We had a sample in our sample room and I was immediately fascinated by EQUITONE. It is a material that has a soft appearance and evolves over time, making the building appear alive. Everyone on the team was immediately convinced when I suggested using the [linea] and [tectiva] grey from EQUITONE. "

From outside to inside

The school wanted a modern but neutral building. No garish colors that everyone would say in 20 years: “It's really typical of 2020! EQUITONE [linea] and [tectiva] corresponded perfectly to the wishes of the school. Martien Van Vliet married the warm shades of grey of the exterior panels with the colours used inside the school: grey-green and grey-blue. The whole combination goes well, forming a neutral and sober but still warm ensemble.

“It reminds me of a green apple. A little harder skin but the green colour of which suggests what awaits us inside: fresh, green and juicy flesh. This is how I wanted to harmonize the exterior and interior of the school. And it is perfectly successful, thanks to the EQUITONE facade panels, ”explains Martien Van Vliet with a laugh.