3 EQUITONE projects nominated for Architizer A+Awards

The nominees for the Architizer A+Awards have been announced, and voting is open through 25 June 2021. Reputable judges narrowed down the thousands of entries to five finalists in the different categories and it’s up to the public vote to select the best of the best. Amongst the finalists, three projects incorporated EQUITONE as a building material.

3 EQUITONE projects nominated for Architizer A+Awards

What is Architizer?

Architizer is an online portfolio platform for architecture with over 86,000 projects from around the world, combined with an manufacturer search engine at the service of the architecture community. By sharing architectural inspiration and connecting architects, product manufacturers and design enthusiasts, Architizer brings more innovation, efficiency and quality to the world of architecture. With over 4.5 million followers across their social media platforms, Architizer is one of the most trusted names in Architecture news. Founded in 2009, its mission is to empower architects with information to build better buildings, better cities and a better world.

What are the Architizer A+Awards?

The Architizer A+Awards are the largest awards program focused on promoting and celebrating the year’s best architecture and products. It nurtures the appreciation of meaningful architecture and champions those products that are integral to bringing great buildings to life. The 9th annual A+ Awards reward the best projects from around the world in 94 categories. There are two ways to win. A panel of judges, renowned names from the world of architecture, selected 5 finalists in each of the categories. But from these winners, the public can vote for its favourites to be awarded the coveted ‘A+ Popular Choice Award’. This year, three of the nominees incorporated EQUITONE in their project in the categories Architecture +Water, Office High Rise (16+ Floors) and Architecture +Living Small. Have a look below, and you can vote till 25 June 2021 to put your stamp on the 2021 A+ popular choice.

3 EQUITONE projects nominated for Architizer A+Awards

Watershed, a Living Building in Seattle, USA

Nominated in the category Architecture +Water.
Watershed, by Weber Thompson architects, is a project designed to** filter polluted storm water** from the nearby historic highway bridge before it can run off in Lake Union, a major salmon migration route and habitat for thirteen endangered species. The dramatic shed roof captures 750,000 litre of rainwater annually and makes it suitable for reuse. The EQUITONE façade cladding on the one side perfectly balances the glass cube structure on the other.

Photo : Architizeraward.com - Weber Thompson

3 EQUITONE projects nominated for Architizer A+Awards

18 Robinson, Singapore

Nominated in the category Office High Rise (16+ Floors) 18 Robinson, by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, is a Singapore high rise with a podium in the centre that divides the building. The podium – clad with EQUITONE – offers a publicly accessible green space equivalent to the site area. The mid-building landscaping and rooftop garden feature trees, natural ventilation and breath-taking views across the city.

Photo from Architizerawards.com - Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

3 EQUITONE projects nominated for Architizer A+Awards

Tiny Victories, Texas, USA

Nominated in the category Architecture +Living Small
Community First! Village is a 21-acre/8.5 hectare planned community providing affordable, permanent housing for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness. The Tiny Victories building, by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, was a prototype for the village’s expansion and offers 18.5 m² for cleverly laid out living, eating, and sleeping zones while maintaining an open floor plan. The facade is stylishly clad with EQUITONE.

Photo : Architizerawards.com - Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Voting is open till Friday 25 June 2021

Being chosen as a finalist is an honour reserved for only the best in architecture. Congratulations to the architects and builders on their exceptional work of architecture.