Strengthening Sustainability Through Radical Collaboration at EQUITONE

A transition to a circular, light-impact brand requires a systemic change. Reverse logistics. Material recovery. Waste management. Total transparency and innovative collaborations across the value chain. In our quest for circularity, we want to strengthen the bridges between science and industry and work with our suppliers to improve their CSR practices and with it, our collective impact.


Our starting point

Our starting point

Our starting point

The past few years, we have been monitoring and documenting the environmental impact and performance of our materials. By driving honest conversations, we want to open our doors to new ideas and innovations.

Our target

Our target

Our target

By 2030, we want to forge new and innovative partnerships, trailblaze transparency across the value chain and establish a sustainability council of external experts to stay on track to full circularity.  


Our plan of action



Accelerating change through radical collaboration


How we work together to achieve zero waste


Optimising our impact through external collaboration



Driving transparency across the value chain



Establishing research projects with external partners



How we want to change the industry from within


More actions



It is time to move from individual action
to shared solutions.







The globally-recognised provider of business and supplier sustainability ratings is helping us assess and improve the impact of our materials in four key areas: Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.


Circular Flanders

With the support of the Flemish government, we are experimenting with new, circular business models, bringing partners together from across the value chain, from cement producers to installers. The focus is on improving service, recyclability and material recovery.



In France, ETEX is involved in the VALOBAT initiative. Together with 28 industrial partners, we collect eco-contributions – annual fees as a result of the new legislation on Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) – and invest in waste recycling, the promotion of reuse and eco-design, and waste valorisation.


EPD International

We have applied for and have received Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for the entire EQUITONE range. These are independently verified and registered documents which allow us to openly communicate the environmental performance of our materials throughout their life cycle.


Get all the facts

Download our Material Sustainability Datasheets and Environmental Product Declarations to learn all
there is to know about the impact of our materials throughout their life cycle.


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Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us

We are constantly seeking new partnerships to challenge our ways of thinking and innovating. Include us in your plans or (research) projects by tagging @equitone_facade or contact us right here, right now.



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