EQUITONE [tectiva] has the right shades for the latest architectural trends

Do you know the colour trends for 2021? Whether you are looking for diffused blacks or neutral soothing colours, [tectiva] has a carefully curated colour range that will fit your facade designs for the year ahead.

Pantone elected Ultimate Gray (light gray) as one of their colors of the year 2021 . It represents solidity in these difficult times, like pebbles on a beach that stand the test of time. Gray tones, such as EQUITONE [tectiva] Pebble and Argent Gray, reassure and encourage feelings of resilience and stability. Paint manufacturers are naming diffused blacks and dark grays as the new neutrals. A trend article in Better Homes & Gardens cites the resurgence of black on walls and accessories in 2020. This trend will continue in 2021, but softened down to ‘near black’-shades, such as the new EQUITONE [tectiva] Graphite. At the same time, BHG forecasts the popularity of calming, nature-inspired hues in the coming year. No wonder after a hectic year. Soft neutral colors give us peace of mind, such as the EQUITONE [tectiva] white and beige hues. But also earth-tones like EQUITONE [tectiva] Sahara and Sandstorm create a relaxing organic atmosphere.

Graphite and dark grey as the new neutral

In accordance with the colour trends, EQUITONE is rolling out a Graphite (dark grey) version of its popular [tectiva] range of through-coloured fibre cement facade materials. The directionally sanded surface creates a unique spectacle of naturally occurring hues and colour variations throughout the cladding panels. Dark greys stand out against different weather conditions and skylines. They are also the perfect background to complement colourful elements, even if it were only the windows granting a peek into people’s lives. However, the dark grey hues still allow a degree of playfulness with light and shadow that would be lost on a completely black facade.