A former prison repurposed into a lean and green marketplace; the façade of an old business centre recycled into state-of-the-art shutters; a hospital transformed into a carbon-neutral modular hotel … After over a century of designing light-weight fibre-cement cladding that lasts a lifetime, we are shifting our focus to ‘What Lies Beyond’. Working with like-minded engineers, academics, suppliers, fabricators, architects and installers, we are determined to push the boundaries of our industry and close the loop on our materials.


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Certifiably Sustainable


EQUITONE has achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified® at the Bronze level for all fibre cement materials. Recognized as a preferred product sustainability standard throughout the building industry, certification allows architects know immediately that a material meets some of the world’s most rigorous performance standards for humans and for the environment.  

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Our 2030 ambitions

At EQUITONE, we dedicate ourselves to reuse and recycle all our materials, giving them a second life. With your help, we want to take it one step further and rethink the way they are designed and used, reducing our natural resource consumption and cutting out waste.


minimising their environmental footprint
throughout their entire life cycle

Zero waste to

keeping our materials in use and out of landfill

The circular potential of fibre-cement cladding

Made of water, Portland cement, cellulose and natural minerals, 
our materials are the perfect building blocks for a circular construction industry. 






Durable (+50 years)



Low material usage/m²







Low maintenance





Our 3 areas of focus

How we want to go from long life and lightweight to light impact and circular by design:

Circular design

Circular design

Circular design

Designing our materials as a modular system that is easy to dismantle, repair and rebuild – making sure they can be reused and recycled over and over again.

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Light-impact construction

Light-impact construction

Light-impact construction

Reducing our footprint across the value chain to create materials that are built to be light-impact.

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Radical collaboration for lasting change

Radical collaboration for lasting change

Radical collaboration for lasting change

Breaking down industry silos to eliminate the total footprint of our materials – not just in production, throughout their entire life cycle.

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Total transparency

Real change starts with complete transparency. Download the Material Sustainability Datasheets below to see
the current environmental impact of each of our materials.


Our plan of action

Learn from our teammates how we are all working together to challenge the boundaries of construction.

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(Y)our projects

We work together with architects worldwide to transform the built environment as we know it by completely
rethinking traditional building design.


Why circular construction

is the only way forward

The construction industry is a major consumer of raw materials, responsible for:

There is resource scarcity, and there is the fact that all of the above contribute significantly to the climate crisis. Which is why we call on you to help us turn things around.


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Get answers

Find the answer to every question ever asked about our circular ambition(s), the environmental impact of our
materials, repair and replacement instructions, you name it.

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Explore circular building with us

  Explore circular building with us

Explore circular building with us

Circularity calls for collaboration. In order to eliminate the total footprint of our materials – not just in production, but throughout their lifecycle – we need to look beyond our business and develop shared solutions with stakeholders up, down and outside of the value chain. 

Join our network or share your circular building designs with @equitone_facade and #ExploringCircularity.