High Density or Medium Density material?

What is the difference between high denisty (HD) and medium density (MD) fiber cement?

See the table below giving a comparison between the material properties of HD and MD fiber cement. Please bear in mind these are generic figures and as such would usually be the minimum values.

As you can see from the table above, the main difference is the density of the materials and how this affects the technical properties. You see that the MD is not as strong as the HD, the MD absorbs more water, and has a greater hydric movement. Again this is all down to the density.

In use, the MD is easier to fabricate and handle and is more flexible than the HD. What we mean by that, is that it is easier to curve for example because it is softer, and easier to fabricate since it will not wear down the saw blades as much as HD. Typically, MD materials are painted which makes them more susceptible to fading and they also have height limitations where HD does not.

Each project has its own set of priorities and limitations, and architects and engineers must choose the cladding properties right for their needs. When high density materials are desired or required for a project, EQUITONE can offer the technical properties needed along with beauty and expertise.