Circular design

Good design makes a difference. The difference between art and ordinary. Between comfort and inconvenience. Between waste and efficiency.  Working with experts inside and outside of the building industry, we want to rethink how our materials are designed and used to not only reduce waste and pollution, but prevent negative outcomes from being created in the first place.

Our starting point

Our starting point

Our starting point

Since 1905, we have been developing cladding solutions that meet the basic principles of circular construction. Not just because of their composition, their strength and durability, but also because of the way they are designed. EQUITONE materials are designed as a system – they are easy to add, remove, adapt, replace and dismantle for recycling.






Easy to dismantle



Durable (+50 years)





Our target

Our target

Our target

By 2030, we want to collect and recycle waste across the value chain, and enable and promote the reuse of previously owned EQUITONE panels. Our goal is to continue supporting architects in their efforts to design circular buildings – buildings that are 1. modular, 2. minimal waste, and 3. designed with reused building components.


Our plan of action



EQUITONE's ambition


The growing importance of circular design


Circularity as a priority area for R&D



Using creativity as a driver for circularity



Placing sustainability at the heart of our innovation



Turning the wheels of change through transparency & data



The last few years, we have radically changed the way we innovate,
focusing on two main challenges: the circular economy and carbon reduction.


Eric Bertrand, Chief Innovation Officer




Circular building design takes different forms.
Browse our latest projects to fuel your inspiration.

Go circular with us

Go circular with us

Go circular with us

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