Light-impact construction

As a global materials supplier, we constantly seek to minimize the carbon, water and energy footprint of our operations through sustainable construction materials and techniques. Guided by scientific research and inspired by experts in the field, we are working towards both light-impact factories and light-impact building materials.


Our starting point

Our starting point

Our starting point

EQUITONE panels are resource-efficient by nature. They are thin and lightweight and can be cut to size to clad virtually any building façade with a minimum of material use per square foot. Made of water, Portland cement, cellulose and natural minerals, they are also  recyclable. 






Low material usage/m²



100% recyclable



Since 1905, our production facilities in Germany and Belgium have been actively working to increase their resource efficiency through innovation, technology and best practices, constantly improving the footprint of our materials and operations.

Our target

Our target

Our target

By 2030, we want to go beyond resource efficiency and aim for zero potable water use, zero landfill, and low-carbon operations and materials. We are experimenting with innovative techniques, green technologies and alternative raw materials to create a new generation of fiber cement with minimal impact and maximum durability.


Achieve zero waste to landfill in operations.



Reduce our scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 40% as compared to 2018.



Reduce the carbon footprint of our materials by 20%, from cradle to gate.




Our plan of action



The Zero Waste Project: eliminating factory waste together


Reducing our impact: the Sahara Project explained


Promoting light-impact materials in the market



The (re)search for less production waste



Meeting the needs of architects worldwide



Giving our materials a new lease of life


More actions




Explore light-impact building with us

Explore light-impact building with us

Explore light-impact building with us

Achieving light-impact building materials and production processes requires collaboration.

Share your ideas for light-impact building with @equitone_facade or quite simply give us a ring.



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