Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature

How much can facade design be inspired by the surrounding environment?

When it comes to nature, the overwhelming majority of people desire to enhance the surrounding area rather than work against it.

"Good architecture lets nature in." - Mario Pei

Building materials can amplify environments by reflecting it, either literally with glass or metal or figuratively with an homage to the colors and textures of the space.

In dealing with fiber cement facades, architects have a variety of reasons for choosing a cladding. Perhaps the area is known for its climate. Weather conditions can dictate the type and color of facade. The Erl Festival Hall in Austria used a nearly black EQUITONE cladding material for practical reasons. The area receives a lot of snow, and the snowy season can extend from October to May.

In other cases surrounding historic structures may be clad with limestone or marble, and yet the project calls for a low maintenance, easy-to-use solution that exudes the same luxurious quality.

"Most people attracted to architecture have some affinity to nature" - architect Fred Quinn

The connection between nature and architecture is experienced by all from passersby to building occupants. Whether consciously or subconsiously humans make the connection between their living spaces and the natural world.

Inspired by Nature

The dark graphite of EQUITONE [tectiva] TE85 is dramatic and bold while still being a versitale and neutral shade. Conjuring images of a night sky, coal, or shadows, the deep charcoal hue has many natural counterparts.

Inspired by Nature

Contrarily the EQUITONE [tectiva] shade TE30 is soft sunshine. The warm yellow tone brings to mind countless aspects of nature in bloom from the center of a daisy to gently swaying grains. It is natural and yet not at all neutral.

What natural elements do you see in these shades? Let us know on social media, and watch as we explore the entire EQUITONE [tectiva] range.

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