Reinventing the classics: the EQUITONE [tectiva] series is evolving

What is EQUITONE [tectiva]?

EQUITONE [tectiva] is a range of through-colored facade materials made of fibre cement. It is characterized by a sanded surface and naturally occurring hues and color variations throughout the cladding panels. The EQUITONE [tectiva] series is now available in a carefully curated palette of nine colors, with the most recent addition, graphite, being rolled out in 2020-2021. Every [tectiva] panel is unique and strongly expresses the raw texture of the core fibre-cement material. EQUITONE [tectiva] high-density panels come in large lightweight panels in two sizes (2500 x 1220 mm and 3050 x 1220 mm, 8 mm thick). Like all other cladding panels in the brand’s catalogue, the [tectiva] range is primarily intended to be installed as a ventilated rainscreen.

Reinventing the classics: the EQUITONE [tectiva] series is evolving

Versatile design possibilities.

The unique fibre cement texture of EQUITONE facade panels offers endless design possibilities. The panels can be transformed into any size or shape in the workshop or on site. No matter what design options you explore, the fibre cement properties guarantee crisp, monolithic details. The material can be conveniently perforated using waterjet or CNC machines, large or very small cuts can be made, it can even be embossed and printed. Some designers have even used it for interiors or furniture. The material allows you to achieve flawless intricate details. EQUITONE [tectiva] can be a powerful standalone cladding, but it can also be easily mixed and matched with other textures from the EQUITONE portfolio. The different materials have equivalent performances and can be fixed in the same way. This allows you to use multiple textures or colors in facades to create your design.

The origins of EQUITONE [tectiva]

Ludwig Hatschek invented fibre cement in the late 19th century. He combined the basic elements of Earth: mineral materials, water, air and fire (heat) in a simple filtration process, to produce a versatile material used for building and design applications alike. Our parent company, Etex, has been manufacturing fibre-cement materials since 1905. The most prestigious incarnation of this proud heritage is the EQUITONE facade material range, created with architects, for architects. Its design still bears witness to the core qualities of the fibre cement base material: it is thin, light, durable and beautiful

Expressive and durable qualities

EQUITONE’s [tectiva] series is the first autoclaved material as opposed to air-cured panels. Autoclaved fibre cement is subjected to high heat and pressure to remove moisture from the boards. This process gives [tectiva] its robust and versatile properties. The manufacturing process of EQUITONE [tectiva] allows for color variations, resulting in a cloud-like look all-over the panels. During manufacturing, a transparent hydrophobic layer of is added, allowing the true look of fibre cement to be visible without any need for coating.

Reinventing the classics: the EQUITONE [tectiva] series is evolving

EQUITONE [tectiva] adapts to your needs

While other EQUITONE textures may have a wider range of colors available, the [tectiva] facade series excels in a carefully curated collection of earthen tones and classic cement hues. In 2016, a light grey tone (TE15) was added to the range. TE15 bridged the gap between the creamy whites and the medium grey previously offered. But there was an increasing demand for more depth in the range. That’s why, at the end of 2020, we released graphite (TE85) in a number of markets. The darkness and depth of this added color was highly appreciated by architects, so we continue its global release in 2021. This new hue expands the [tectiva] range from soft white to a deep charcoal.

EQUITONE [tectiva], the quintessential fibre cement

EQUITONE [tectiva] is an evolving collection of durable and versatile fibre-cement panels that give your facade designs a sanded and lively texture. Request a sample and experience the EQUITONE [tectiva] series first hand.