Coast to Coast: Using EQUITONE [tectiva] in different climates

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Is EQUITONE suitable for my climate?

The USA is one of the few countries that experience vastly different temperatures and weather in a single land mass. As such, we often hear the question "is EQUITONE suitable for my climate?" EQUITONE's fiber cement facades have been used in a variety of climates both domestically and internationally. From the heat and humidity of the South to the frigid temperatures and snow of Alaska, EQUITONE is made to withstand the elements.

It may be surprising to some, but many products from textiles to claddings are sent from all over the world to be weather-tested in Florida. Florida's bright sunshine can age a material faster than several years in other climates. EQUITONE participates in Florida weather-testing on our materials to ensure the materials age beautifully and naturally like stone, brick, and other forms of masonry.

Let's explore some of the USA's various climates and how EQUITONE performs in them.

Coast to Coast: Using EQUITONE [tectiva] in different climates


Whether it is used on the powder sand beachfronts of Miami or the rocky coasts of Maine, EQUITONE fiber cement facades are suitable for use in coastal climates. Our materials function well because of their through-colored properties. The hue of EQUITONE [tectiva] does not need to be touched-up or repainted in spite of the constant swirling of abrasive salt and sand in the air. Likewise the High Velocity Hurricane Zone rating can keep your building both safe and beautiful.

Coast to Coast: Using EQUITONE [tectiva] in different climates

Dry Heat

The Southwest brings a its own version of hot. The beach's warmth and humidity can be replaced by a dry, arid heat and relentless sun. EQUITONE is up to the challenge by providing a ventilated rainscreen that protects buildings from the sun's rays. EQUITONE panels can also be used as sunshades or brise soleil to further keep the inhabitants of the building cool and comfortable.

Coast to Coast: Using EQUITONE [tectiva] in different climates

Wooded, Rainy, and Snowy

Another benefit of ventilated rainscreen systems is that they allow the facade to block most of the moisture, draw it down away from the building, and protect the overall structure from rot, mildew and mold.

The panels can maintain their integrity through the harshest freeze thaw cycle, and have been applied with confidence in multiple projects above the Arctic Circle.

With the shelter of trees from a wooded environment often comes their inhabitants, and EQUITONE also provides resistance against insects, rodents and other pests.

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If you want to see [tectiva] in person, you can request a sample.