Augmented Reality 2.0

People from all over the world received a [lunara] sample instantly with our first augmented reality experience in 2021. Now you can see a full wall assembly - ANYWHERE!

Choose from panels oriented horizontally, vertically, or as part of a pattern. A glass door is included in the experience to give a sense of scale.

Whether you are on the beach, in your office, or on the job site, EQUITONE's newest [lunara] augmented reality experience will allow you to visualize a project like never before.

EQUITONE's Augmented Reality experience is easy to use

No app download is required for this experience. Simply use your phone's camera to scan the QR code and a new internet browser window will open. It's that easy!

Pinch and zoom, reposition, and line up your augmented reality to coordinate best with your surroundings.

(If you arrived at this site via social media, you may need to open in a new browser window for your mobile device's camera to launch.)

Desktop users can scan the QR code with their mobile device.

Horizontal Panel Layout

iOS users can access all views from the first QR code. Android users will need to scan each layout's code individually.