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EQUITONE Fiber Cement Benefits

EQUITONE fiber cement facade materials are made for use in high-end commercial, educational, multi-family, and healthcare design applications. It is the ideal cladding solution for projects using creative shapes, distinctive angles and unique designs. EQUITONE lightweight fiber cement panels are bold and modern construction materials that turn any structure into an art installation. Each panel is made using all-natural fiber cement and has unique features.

The Benefits of Using EQUITONE High-Density Fiber Cement Panels

EQUITONE panels are perfect for a wide range of large and unique construction projects. These lightweight fiber cement panels provide an attractive finish to a durable ventilated rainscreen that offers significant benefits compared to other cladding materials available on the market.

Are EQUITONE materials versatile?

EQUITONE fiber cement panels come in several attractive styles, textures, and colors to compliment any design aesthetic. These panels are customizable on site or at a fabricator, and in addition to using EQUITONE panels as a flat facade, they can also be used in special applications such as a shiplap pattern, brise soleil or as part of a curtain wall system. With such versatility, our long-lasting fiber cement panels meet the requirements for a wide range of large and unique commercial construction projects, including schools, office buildings, retail centers, schools, hospitals and corporate centers.

Do they provide a unique appearance?

With EQUITONE fiber cement facade materials, you can mix and match panels to create a one-of-a-kind look and accommodate nearly any design. Most panel styles are through-colored, and all are available in 4' x 8' or 4' x 10' sheets, which can be cut into almost any shape. You can also add styling to any of our durable fiber cement panels by making creative cuts, milling the surface of the material, or adding perforations. The detail and design potentials are limitless.

How does a ventilated rainscreen system affect temperature?

In most cases, EQUITONE panels are installed as an exterior ventilated rainscreen. A ventilated rainscreen provides a cavity space behind the EQUITONE panels and leaves visible gaps between the panels. The ventilated rainscreen is ideal for temperature regulation compared with tight or grout-filled joints. The natural ventilation with these high-density fiber cement panels lets air move throughout your design, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs and contributes to greener processes.

What protection does EQUITONE offer my building?

These lightweight fiber cement panels are made using durable, natural composite materials. While other facade panels are susceptible to flames, EQUITONE panels are fire and flame resistant. Our commercial cladding panels provide resistance against multiple structural hazards, including water, rot, mold and mildew. All of our panel styles also repel insects, rodents and other pests to prevent structural damage and promote a healthier environment.

Do EQUITONE façade panels have long-lasting durability?

EQUITONE’s durable fiber cement panels are high density and made to withstand wind, rain, hail and other severe weather conditions without sacrificing function or visual appeal. These fiber cement panels require replacement less often than other commercial façade materials because our materials are designed to last 50+ years. The full coloring throughout the panel's thickness helps blend minor chips, scratches or other signs of damage. With excellent resistance to extreme temperatures and frost conditions, these fiber cement facade materials are perfect for projects situated in any climate.

What are the maintenance requirements?

With proven resistance to severe weather, mold and mildew, damage, rot and pests, EQUITONE’s high density fiber cement panels require almost no maintenance. The airflow allowed by the ventilated design helps evaporate moisture after rainfall to keep the exterior looking clean. Most textures offered possess a raw appearance and come without the look of an artificial finish. Any fading of the panel will be minimal and natural similar to masonry, and, with the advantage of our through-colored options, paint touch-ups are unnecessary.

Is EQUITONE an eco-friendly and sustainable building material?

EQUITONE is produced with mainly locally sourced materials and actively minimizes our energy and water usage during production. The EQUITONE materials require low maintenance and have a long life expectancy. An EPD is available for each of our EQUITONE materials. Sustainability goes beyond the material and the manufacturing process. All EQUITONE materials support lightweight construction, which helps to achieve an overall low carbon footprint of building projects. Our fixing methods are disassembly proof, and the panels are 100% recyclable. The use of EQUITONE materials is supportive in creating more sustainable projects. For us, sustainability is a journey! We strive to offer increasingly smart and resilient solutions and services. Our ultimate goal is to create circular materials that can be recycled and reused.

Why Choose EQUITONE Lightweight Fiber Cement Panels?

EQUITONE fiber cement facade material is made for architects by architects. We provide documents and architect resources to help you incorporate our materials into your next project, including our project application and design guides, building information modeling (BIM) objects for all our materials and downloadable Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) three-part specifications you can take on the go. Our high-density fiber cement panels are tested and proven to deliver exceptional results, and we constantly strive to develop new material, texture, and color options for your designs. Browse our complete collection of materials to find a style that fits your next project, and try mixing panel styles to create contrasting effects. To see our materials for yourself, request a free sample today.