14 EQUITONE projects nominated for Building of the Year 2021 awards

ArchDaily – the most visited architecture website - organizes for the 12th consecutive year the international Building of the Year awards to reward architectural projects that have a positive impact on the profession. An unbiased network of jurors and peers vote for the most remarkable projects in 15 categories. No less than 14 projects using EQUITONE have been nominated in the category ‘Best Applied Products’. We gladly present them to you. 

Vista North Pearl Condominiums / Bora Architects / USA

This new condominium (2018) is composed of a five-story podium base combined with a 21-story central tower in Portland’s newest neighbourhood. EQUITONE [tectiva] and [linea] panels are used to create a taut skin for this building, reflecting the industrial past of the area.

Photo: Lincoln Barbour, Jeremy Bitterman – ArchDaily.com

Hilltop House / Atelier M+A / Singapore

This semi-detached house (2019) is situated in a quiet residential area near the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It houses a private gallery to exhibit art, cleverly separated from the private living areas in the same house. The central inner courtyard brings in natural light.

Photo: Masaki Harimoto – ArchDaily.com

Carmelites Extension / Notan Office / Belgium

This project (2020) added two floors to an existing volume to transform an urban house into two apartments: a duplex on the two lower floors, and a triplex above it. EQUITONE [linea] panels were used to cover the newly created facades.

Photo: Nicolas Delaroche – ArchDaily.com

BioLegend Campus / Delawie / USA

EQUITONE [tectiva] was used to grace the exterior of the laboratory and office buildings (2019) of the new BioLegend campus in San Diego. It was part of a master plan to privatise a public street to turn it into an 8 acre biotechnology campus.

Photo: Stephen Whalen, Alex Baltov – ArchDaily.com

Saint Martial Housing / Majolice-Atelier d'Architecture / France

This house in Bordeaux was subject to a complete renovation (2019) to create 3 social housing units and an activity room on the ground floor. The whole building received a major makeover: facades were upgraded with EQUITONE [tectiva], skylights were added and the roof was extended.

Photo: Philippe Caumes – ArchDaily.com

Day Care Center / Agence MW / France

This nursery school and recreational centre (2020) completed the educational pole of Marmoutier. The project set out to intrigue the kids with unique shapes and coloured skylights. EQUITONE [linea] panels give the articulated roofscape a clean look.

Photo: Stéphane Spach – ArchDaily.com

Union House / Austin Maynard Architects / Australia

This is a playful, multi-level new home (2020) located on a narrow 5.5 metre wide block in Brunswick, Melbourne. The house engages with its occupants in fun and dynamic ways. It is a vertical building using lots of timber, recycled bricks and EQUITONE [linea] facade panels

Photo: Derek Swalwell – ArchDaily.com

National Dance Theater / Zoboki Design and Architecture / Hungary

Once it was a factory hall, a hub for industrial inventions. After a complete renovation, the new building (2019) now provides the National Dance Theatre with all technical possibilities. It shows how the past can be turned into the future, using EQUITONE [linea].

Photo: Zsolt Hlinka – ArchDaily.com

SCC_Villa Clinic / BAarqs / Argentina

This project (2019) is an extension on top of an already existing building. The vertical addition balances out with the horizontal pre-existence. A set of truncated cones, covered with EQUITONE [linea], channel the light to the interior.

Photo: Walter Salcedo – ArchDaily.com

Canoeing Training Center / RS + Robert Skitek / Poland

Paprocany lake is used for sailing and recreation. While redeveloping the promenade, a new municipal training centre for canoeing saw the light (2020). The building combines lots of wood with a stylish grey back wall covered with EQUITONE fibre-cement panels for its fire-safety

Photo: Tomasz Zakrzewski – ArchDaily.com

ERH Residence / makeAscene / Thailand

The sole request of the owner was to have the most straightforward design possible. The new house (2020) should be absolutely simple and easy to live in, with minimal maintenance. EQUITONE [natura] was the natural choice for these specs.

Photo: DOF Sky|Ground – ArchDaily.com

Mount Si High School / NAC Architecture / USA

The Mount Si campus (2019) is elevated in every sense of the word: educationally, experientially and literally. As it lies between mountains, next to a river, the buildings, covered in EQUITONE [natura], are elevated above flood levels. Flood water simply flows under the buildings.

Photo: Benjamin Benschneider – ArchDaily.com

The Zam! Community Center / Studio A4 / Hungary

This community facility (2020) in Zamárdi, at the shores of Lake Balaton, is composed of a bubble-shaped exhibition area and a pleasant roof-top terrace. EQUITONE [tectiva] gives this innovative cultural building its futuristic look.

Photo: Tamás Bujnovszky – ArchDaily.com

Museum of Art / Architectural Services Department / Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Museum of Art was renovated and extended to give it a new identity. Inspired by the ripples of the water in Victoria Harbour Strait, its façade comes alive with the changing light and shade. The EQUITONE [tectiva] fibre cement cladding reflects the diversity of the collection on display.

Photo: William Furniss– ArchDaily.com